Residential Construction

Types of residential construction includes:

  • Single family dwelling homes
  • Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
  • Apartments/Condominiums 4+ Stories

Within residential construction we install fire suppression systems to keep people and their property safe. This is done with an integrated sprinkler system installed throughout your building. Each system in multi-story buildings are equipped with the following:

  • Heat sensitive sprinkler heads to help contain or even extinguish fires upon activation.
  • Floor separation control valves for separating each floor into its own system.
  • Backflow preventers, this stops any contamination of the main water supply.
  • Standpipes, these are installed within the stairwells, for Firefighters: the standpipes act as a fire hydrant inside of the building.
  • A Siamese connection on the exterior of the building. This is used as auxiliary connection through which the fire department can pump water to supplement existing water supplies.
  • Freezing prevention done by using the correct dry valves and materials. We can ensure that your system will be safe from the cold weather.