Single Family Dwellings

Fire Sprinkler Systems

We design, engineer, and install fire sprinkler systems to keep your property and family safe.

Our affordable home sprinkler systems include:

  • Expert home installation
  • Installed in 1 week or less
  • 1-year Warranty
  • Flow alarm installed to detect activation of sprinkler system
  • Your choice of concealed or recessed sprinkler heads
  • Hydro-tested for quality assurance

Is your house run off a well? Or has low water pressure?

Pavilion Fire Protection has a fire suppression solution for your home. We design, engineer, and install home hydrant sprinkler systems in houses running off a well or that lack a high enough water pressure or flow rate. A water storage tank is sized specifically to provide your house with a 10-minute water supply, as outlined by the codes and standards of National Fire Protection Association.

Your home will be safe from fire with Pavilion. Contact us for more information

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